Cherie Sinclair, Recipient of the 2018 Special Achievement Award at Prism Prize!

We are thrilled to announce, and congratulate, our very own Cherie Sinclair for her 2018 Special Achievement Award at the 2018 Prism Prize Awards.

This will be awarded on Sunday May 13 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto.

“The Prism Prize is proud to announce CHERIE SINCLAIR as the recipient of the 2018 Special Achievement Award (presented by Slaight Music). The Prism Prize Special Achievement Award is presented to a Canadian music video icon for their artistic achievements and exceptional contribution to music video art on a world stage.” Check out the full article here!

Director Nathan Boey Nominated for Western Canadian Music Awards!

This week the Western Canadian Music Awards release their full list of 2018 nominees.

We wanted to give a special shout out to director Nathan Boey who was nominated for “Video Director Of The Year” for his video for Close Talker’s “Okay Hollywood” video.

Check out the video below!

You can view the full list of nominations Here:

This year, the winners of the Western Canadian Music Awards will be honoured as part of BreakOut West, which takes place from October 10 to 14 in Kelowna, BC. Good luck to all of the nominees!

Look To The Future – The Nexus

Yesterday, Lisa Mann’s newest video for The Used premiered on The Nylon, the premiere featured a great article that explores some of the creative processes behind this video.

Lisa Mann describes the video: “The concept for the video is a visceral love story of two identities battling for supremacy and independence only to be locked in patterned loops together throughout time told through experimental movement”

Check out the full article here.