Down With Webster Party For Your Life Aaron A

Video Premiere: Down With Webster Shows You How To “Party For Your Life” With Director Aaron A

Check out the latest release from Down With Webster!

Their latest video, “Party For Your Life”, is a tongue-in-cheek depiction of the band partying from birth to sunset years with no holding back. Directed by Aaron A, the clip was shot in Toronto last month and features several generations of the band members.

Take a look at the hilariously fun video above!

Nikki Yanofsky Something New

Video Premiere: Nikki Yanofsky & Dir. Ben Knechtel Bring You “Something New”!

Check out the latest release from The Field! Watch “Something New” by Nikki Yanofsky, directed by The Field’s Ben Knechtel.

Canadian powerhouse Nikki Yanofsky is making a splash with her newest single “Something New”. The track was Executive Produced by the legendary Quincy Jones, and premiered on iTunes September 3rd.

It is a fantastic mix of new meets old, with vintage samples and retro instrumentals, paired with Nikki’s flawless vocals singing the contemporary melody. Click here to download on iTunes!

The video, shot over 2 days in Toronto and directed by The Field’s Ben Knechtel, premiered exclusively on MuchMusic last Friday, September 18th, and worldwide online Tuesday September 24th.

Check out the video for “Something New” above! The marriage of new and old in both the video concept and musical style is the perfect segue into Nikki’s new musical era as a young woman with an impeccably mature voice and vintage flair.

Stephano Barberis Gord Bamford When Your Lips Are So Close

Video Premiere: Gord Bamford & Director Stephano Barberis “When Your Lips Are So Close”

The latest video from country star Gord Bamford, “When Your Lips Are So Close” premiered online today. The beautiful video was directed by The Field’s Stephano Barberis and was shot on location in Phoenix, Arizona.

The breathtaking landscape of the video, paired with an emotional and powerful story told though dance, is a stunning companion piece to Gord’s latest single.

Gord recently cleaned up at the 2013 Canadian Country Music Association Awards, taking home Single of the Year (“Leaning On A Lonesome Song”), Album of the Year (“Is It Friday Yet?”) and Video of the Year (“Leaning On A Lonesome Song”).

This marks the beginning of a new era in Gord’s career, and we are sure there are plenty more beautiful music, videos, and accolades to come.

Check out the stunning “When Your Lips Are So Close” video above!

The Next Star Finalists

Video Premiere: Watch the Music Videos for The Next Star Top 6 Finalists!

Corus and YTV’s smash television hit The Next Star is nearing the finale this Sunday, where the Season 6 winner will be crowned live from Canada’s Wonderland! Last night marked the premiere of the music videos for the Top 6 finalists, and we think they ALL are stars.

The Field Inc. was proud to once again team up with TNS’s production company Tricon to produce the group video and all six finalists solo clips. This year one director from our roster took a video each, matching their talent and style with that of the contestant.

Huge thanks to all our fantastic directors and hard working crew for making it all come together. They all look amazing in their own special way!

In case you missed the episode, check out all the videos from the talented kids below!

Alicia Moffat – Better Watch Out For Me
Director: Ben Knechtel

Kat Moscone – Lioness
Director: Aaron A

Dante Scott – Goodbye Gravity
Director: Grandson & Son

Paige Prescott – Say U 2
Director: Stash Capar

Alex Zaichkowski – All I Want
Director: Adam Goldhammer

Jaden Myles – Winners
Director: Dan LeMoyne

Top 6 Finalists – We Just Don’t Care
Director: Peter Papapetrou

What do you think of the videos? Do you have a favourite? Comment below!

Margaret Malandruccolo Dean Brody Bounty

Video Premiere: Margaret Malandruccolo and Dean Brody Present “Bounty”

Check out the latest release from Canadian country superstar Dean Brody. The Field produced, Margaret Malandruccolo directed clip brings the words of the track to life, and tells the story of a man on the run from the law with a bounty on his head. Shot in California, the video is more of a mini-movie than your typical music video.

We’d tell you more about it, but you need to watch it to get the full story.
And… stay tuned for a longer, online-only Director’s Cut version coming soon!

Che Kothari Shad Fam Jam

Video Premiere: Have A “Fam Jam” With Shad And His Crew!

Peep the latest video from Canadian hip-hop artist Shad! The video, entitled “Fam Jam (Fe Sum Immigrins)”, is a fun and heart-warming clip showing the rapper enjoying a classic ‘fam jam’ with some of his closest friends and family members.

The clip is sure to make you proud to be Canadian, and shows the diversity and cultural pride this country is known for.

The video was recently added to MuchMusic in Heavy Rotation. Check out “Fam Jam (Fe Sum Immigrins)”, directed by Che Kothari, above!

Deric Ruttan Take The Week Off

Video Premiere: Deric Ruttan and Director Margaret Malandruccolo “Take The Week Off” In Rome

Country music star Deric Ruttan returns with “Take The Week Off”. Directed by Margaret Malandruccolo, the clip was shot in beautiful Rome, Italy.

Margaret’s sense of capturing true beauty and real emotion on film is at the forefront throughout, making her talent as a Director and the stunning elegance of Italy the perfect marriage. The video shows a pair of lovers spending a romantic week in Rome while Deric soulfully performs against the breathtaking landmarks of the city.

The clip premiered on Country Music Television Canada, and was produced in co-operation with Country Music Television Canada’s Video Advantage Grant Program.

Kyle Davison Marianas Trench By Now

Video Premiere: Marianas Trench Premieres Epic Video For “By Now” Directed By Kyle Davison

The amazingly talented Director Kyle Davison’s latest project with Marianas Trench for the “By Now” has been released, and to say it is epic is an understatement.

The music video marks the final chapter of the “Ever After” saga, and is the 5th and final music video from the hugely successful album of the same name. It closes the book by connecting the 4 previous videos from the record in a cohesive, mesmerizing, and emotional way. Shot in Las Vegas, this tale of two lovers brings together elements of the last 4 videos and closes the epic video saga.

Marianas Trench fans and lovers of great film work alike will love every minute of this. Check out the fantastic video above!

Tyler Shaw By My Side

Video Premiere: Tyler Shaw’s “By My Side” Directed By Ben Knechtel

The latest music video from Director Ben Knechtel just premiered on MuchMusic in Heavy Rotation!

The winner of the Coca-Cola Covers 2012 competition, Tyler Shaw, is back with his second single “By My Side”. The video shows Tyler meeting and pursuing the beautiful Betty after meeting her in the dog park, with some unintentional help from his furry friend Flynn! It closes with an epic (and wet) performance by Tyler.

Check out the adorable video above!