Video Premiere: Escape With Scott Helman To His “Bungalow”

Toronto singer-songwriter Scott Helman continues to win over hearts and ears across Canada with his debut EP “Augusta”, in stores now. The young artist’s first single, the instantly addictive earworm “Bungalow”, is making waves across the country, and the just-released video is sure to do the same.

Directed by Aaron A, the video is a balanced mix of a literal interpretation of the lyrics and stunning images of Scott and his young love deep in the breathtaking wilderness at his “Bungalow”.

Watch Scott Helman’s “Bungalow”, directed by Aaron A, above!



Video Premiere: Ain’t No Love Premiere Sexy Video For “Pussy Down”

Toronto hip-hip trio Ain’t No Love recently debuted the sensual and intimate clip for “Pussy Down”, directed by Aaron A.

The video is packed with arousing and sexy images and a solid performance from the group. Funded by MuchFACT, the video perfectly embodies the mood of the track.

Watch “Pussy Down” by Ain’t No Love, directed by Aaron A, above!



Video Premiere: Stay Up Until “6 In The Morning” With Crystalyne!

Director Ben Knechtel teamed up with Crystalyne once again to bring you another fun, vibrant and personality-filled video!

In “6 in the Morning”, band member Scotty spends the night sleep walking around Toronto tracing his bandmates tracks, with plenty of hijinks along the way. It’s a fun play on the lyrics of the track, with some surprises and hilarious moments.

Watch “6 in the Morning” by Crystalyne, directed by Ben Knechtel, above!



Video Premiere: Leah Daniels Tells The Other Woman To “Go Back”

Country singer Leah Daniels latest single “Go Back” is a strong and powerful anthem with a bit of the twist. She sings to the other woman to “go back where you came from” in the ballad.

The video directed by Margaret Malandruccolo, in keeping with the same theme, is a beautiful yet dark narrative of a twisted love triangle. Like the song, it’s a great blend of a strong narrative mixed with the unexpected.

Watch “Go Back” by Leah Daniels, directed by Margaret Malandruccolo, above!

Video Premiere: Art Department & Seth Troxler’s “Cruel Intentions” Directed by Grandson & Son

Art Department, internationally renown DJ’s hailing from Toronto, teamed up with vocalist Seth Troxler on their latest single “Cruel Intentions”. Directed by Grandson and Son, and funded by MuchFACT, the video is a visually enthralling and trippy piece, and the perfect companion to the minimalist electronic track.

Debuting on Entertainment Weekly, the video is already a hit and has received accolades from many publications worldwide. Entertainment Weekly sums it up best: “The video adds in a bit of creepy surveillance-state paranoia and abstract sexiness to the cocktail of intriguingly weird vibes.” Check out the full article here.

Watch “Cruel Intentions” by Art Department featuring Seth Troxler, directed by Grandson and Son, above!


Video Premiere: Bobby Wills and Stephano Barberis Bring You “Undressed”

Director Stephano Barberis recently travelled to sunny California to shoot Bobby Wills’ latest video, “Undressed”.

The clip is a stunning depiction of the California desert, paired with a beautiful visual of a couple in love. The video is packed with breathtaking images and a strong performance from Bobby, in what Stephano lovingly calls his “souvlaki western”.

Watch “Undressed” by Bobby Wills, directed by Stephano Barberis, above!