Video Premiere: Madeline Merlo Debuts Stunning Clip For “Alive”

Rising country star Madeline Merlo, who made a splash with her debut single “Sinking Like A Stone”, is back with her next hit song “Alive”.

The video was directed by John JP Poliquin and was shot on location at Jean Dry Lake Bed, just outside Las Vegas, Nevada. The beautiful video is a carefree and whimsical clip, with Madeline and friends hosting their own “Burning Man” style event in the middle of the desert. It’s a dreamy and beautiful video from beginning to end.

Watch “Alive” by Madeline Merlo, directed by JP Poliquin, above!

Video Premiere: Tom Cochrane Returns With An Epic Summer Party In “Sunday Afternoon Hang”

Canadian rock legend Tom Cochrane is BACK with his summer feel-good hit “Sunday Afternoon Hang”.

Directed by Stephano Barberis, the video is an epic cottage country bash, which goes perfectly with the songs feel-good and carefree lyrics. We definitely would want to be a part of this party!

Featuring cameos from country stars Jess Moskaluke, Hayley, and Chad Brownlee, watch the video for “Sunday Afternoon Hang” above!




Video Premiere: Aaron Pritchett Takes The “Boat On The Water”

Aaron Pritchett teamed up with Director Stephano Barberis for his latest music video, “Boat On The Water”.

The tongue-in-cheek video features some great shots of his love interest, but all is not as it seems! Make sure you watch the whole thing for the twist at the end – and a surprise cameo from a Canadian country star!

Watch “Boat on the Water” by Aaron Pritchett, directed by Stephano Barberis, above!



Video Premiere: Alvvays Second Single Demands “Archie, Marry Me”

Canadian indie-rock band Alvvays had a big hit on their hands with their debut single “Adult Diversion”. The follow-up to that hit, titled “Archie, Marry Me”, is just as effortlessly cool.

Director Gavin Keen teamed up with Alvvays, fronted by singer Molly Rankin, for the video.

Shot on location in the Toronto area, the clip was supported by Bell’s MuchFACT program.

Check out the uber-cool video for “Archie, Marry Me” by Alvvays, directed by Gavin Keen, above!

Video Premiere: Small Town Pistols Explain “I Only Smoke When I Drink”

Country duo Small Town Pistols return with “I Only Smoke When I Drink”, a sombre yet fun song about heartbreak and the vices we use to conceal pain. Stephano Barberis took the helm on this project, creating a perfect companion piece to the wonderfully cool song.

Watch “I Only Smoke When I Drink” by Small Town Pistols, directed by Stephano Barberis, above!



Video Premiere: The Mohrs Debut Video For “Perfectly Sane”

Canadian rock band The Mohrs, fronted by singer Jackie Mohr, debut the official music video for their single “Perfectly Sane”, directed by Emma Higgins.

There is not much to explain about this one – you need to watch it to understand! See Jackie struggle with her demons, including herself, while she tries to convince herself she is “Perfectly Sane”.

Watch the video directed by Emma Higgins above! Thanks MuchFACT for the support!



Video Premiere: “Take Me Away” In Raghav’s New Video, Directed by Sean Cartwright!

Canadian singer Raghav’s latest video “Take Me Away”, funded by MuchFACT, has arrived! The follow-up to his great Spring single “Woohoo” is a refreshing change from your standard music video.

The clip appears to take place in small town South America, but was actually shot outside Vancouver! It tells a story of a young boy heading to a festival where he displays his manhood wearing a vibrant knitted mask. The concept was inspired by the rural Peruvian cultural practice of Takanakuy.

It’s a unique concept paired with a addictive summer jam!

Check out “Take Me Away” by Raghav, directed by Sean Cartwright, above!


Video Premiere: Jason Blaine’s New Video “Layin Your Love On Me” Directed by Stephano Barberis

Director Stephano Barberis teamed up with country star Jason Blaine to direct his new video for the single “Layin Your Love On Me”.

Shot on location on a stunning estate in sunny California, the video is filled with beautiful imagery and the story of young love. From beginning to end, the piece is a beautiful and elegant take on the country tune.

Check out “Layin Your Love On Me” by Jason Blaine, directed by Stephano Barberis, above!


News: Congratulations to Stephano and Margaret on FIVE CCMA Nominations!

Big congrats are going out today to two of The Field’s directors: Margaret Malandruccolo and Stephano Barberis! The Canadian Country Music Awards have once again recognized both directors for their contributions to the Canadian country music industry.


Stephano was nominated for Video Director of the Year for his videos with Gord Bamford (“When Your Lips Are So Close”) and Dallas Smith (“Tippin Point” and “Nothing But Summer”). You can watch those and many more great videos by Stephano right here.


Meanwhile, Margaret picked up 4 nominations! She received a nod for Video Director of the Year for her work with Dean Brody (“Bounty”), Brett Kissel (“Started With A Song”) and Deric Ruttan (“Take The Week Off”).

She also picked up two nominations for Video of the Year (Brett Kissel – “Started With A Song” and Deric Ruttan “Take The Week Off”) and one for Album Design of the Year for her work on Brett Kissel’s “Started With A Song” album. You can watch her nominated videos and many more right here.


Fun Fact: The Field produced and Margaret and Stephano directed ALL FIVE videos for the nominees for Single of the Year! Awesome!

Check out all the CCMA 2014 nominees HERE!

Congratulations to both amazingly talented directors. And congrats to all the nominees this year! See you at the show!