Aaron A Down With Webster Chills

Video Premiere: Down With Webster’s New Video Will Give You “Chills”!

Down With Webster are at it again with Director Aaron A.

The two parties got together last October to create a video for “Party For Your Life” (pun intended) and the MMVA nominated “One In A Million”. Now the boys and Aaron are back with the third single from the hit album “Party For Your Life” with a more emotional and sentimental music video for “Chills”.

The clip shows the boys in an empty room covering their faces while performing the song. The simple yet beautiful idea displays the pain someone can feel when ending a relationship. With a lot of creativity and a dash of melancholy, the video is sure to hit that spot in all of our hearts.

Watch “Chills” by Down With Webster, directed by Aaron A, above!

Stephano Barberis Gord Bamford Unreal

Video Premiere: Check Out The “Unreal” New Music Video from Gord Bamford and Director Stephano Barberis!

Keep the love songs coming, Gord.

The latest single from Canadian country music singer Gord Bamford is a song any girl would love to have written about her. (But even though it wasn’t written about us, we can still enjoy the video, ladies!) Gord teamed up with director Stephano Barberis once again to create an equally heartfelt and beautiful video shot on location in stunning Topanga, California. The two also paired up in 2013 to create a video for his previous single “When Your Lips Are So Close,” which can be found on Stephano’s Director page.

Straight off his Juno Award nominated County Junkie album, Gord continues to pull at our heartstrings, and we aren’t complaining. Check out the video for “Unreal” above!

Aaron A Jessie Farrell Carry On

Video Premiere: Watch Jessie Farrell “Carry On” With Director Aaron A!

Warning: This video is red hot…literally!

Check out country superstar Jessie Farrell completely take hold of the screen in the music video for her newest single “Carry On”. The female country star recently teamed up with director Aaron A to capture this feel-good anthem that is possibly optimistic enough to get us through anything, maybe even this Canadian winter. Revealing a confident and striking new look, Jessie Farrell is back!

Watch “Carry On” by Jessie Farrell, directed by Aaron A, above!

Margaret Malandruccolo Cat Thomson Sticks & Stones

Video Premiere: Cat Thomson Reveals Video For Debut Single “Sticks & Stones”

Follow emerging Canadian singer-songwriter Cat Thomson and her alter-ego through an urban Los Angeles adventure in her new video “Sticks & Stones”!

Director Margaret Malandruccolo artistically contrasted Cat’s broken-hearted pop lyrics with the symbolism of self-against-self, interspersed with the luminous visual of Cat performing while playing her piano. The video is a almost ethereal display of Cat’s amazing talent and stunning beauty.

Check out “Sticks & Stones” by Cat Thomson, directed by Margaret Malandruccolo, above!

John JP Poliquin Cody Karey You Are The Song

Video Premiere: Cody Karey Presents the Stunning Ballad “You Are The Song”

Canadian singer Cody Karey is about to make a big splash in the music industry. The talented vocalist’s first single “You Are The Song” is already making waves, and now we have the official music video!

Directed and edited by John JP Poliquin, the clip shows Cody performing along the rugged coastline of Big Sur, California, while images of a couple in love tell the story in the lyrics of the song.

Filmed on location in Big Sur, the video is stunning and breathtaking in every sense of the word.

Watch “You Are The Song” by Cody Karey, directed by JP Poliquin, above!

Margaret Malandruccolo Deric Ruttan Pass It Around

Video Premiere: Party and “Pass It Around” with Deric Ruttan!

Hang out with the Canadian country singer/songwriter Deric Ruttan in a fun and carefree jam session high in the Hollywood Hills in “Pass it Around.”

Directed by Margaret Malandruccolo, the video was shot in Los Angeles and shows a lively party starting in the hot California sun and going well into the balmy night. The pleasant and chill tone of the clip flows seamlessly into the vibe of this lighthearted and fun party song.

Check out “Pass It Around” by Deric Ruttan, directed by Margaret Malandruccolo, above!

Stephano Barberis Dallas Smith Tippin Point

Video Premiere: Reach the “Tippin Point” with Dallas Smith!

Ever wanted to have an exclusive party with some of the wildest and hottest country fans around? What if Canadian country superstar Dallas Smith himself was there too?

Now you can see exactly what that would be like with Dallas’ latest video “Tippin Point”. Directed by Stephano Barberis, the video was shot in Vancouver in a bar filled with wild fan-girls, rowdy guys, and entertaining visuals of the wildest party around.

The clip is the perfect compliment to the flirtatious and fun lyrics of the song. Welcome to the new era of Dallas Smith!

Check out “Tippin Point” by Dallas Smith, directed by Stephano Barberis, above!

Grandson & Son Teams Up With Art Department For “Sun Comes Up”

Video Premiere: Grandson & Son Teams Up With Art Department For “Sun Comes Up”

Check out the latest project from director Grandson & Son. He teamed up with electronic artist Art Department for their latest video, “Sun Comes Up”.

The video is a visual trip, contrasting the innocence and joy of daytime against the dark secrets of the night.

The clip was premiered on Vice along with a great description and love for the video. Check that out HERE.

Watch “Sun Comes Up” by Art Department, directed by Grandson & Son, above!

Remember to Remember Shad ft. LIGHTS Justin Broadbent

Video Premiere: “Remember To Remember” With Shad Featuring Lights

Check out the latest video from superstar Canadian rapper Shad! His latest single “Remember To Remember” is quite the departure from his last clip with The Field, “Fam Jam”.

This time, he enlisted the help of singer Lights, and worked with his friend and Director Justin Broadbent to give fans a truly interesting video.

The clip is a trippy VHS homage, with powerful dancing, crazy effects, and a powerful message. It is certainly a creative video, with all your typical ‘music video’ elements brought to the next level.

Check out Shad’s visual feast “Remember To Remember” feat. Lights above! Or check it out on MuchMusic in heavy rotation!