Grandson & Son Teams Up With Art Department For “Sun Comes Up”

Video Premiere: Grandson & Son Teams Up With Art Department For “Sun Comes Up”

Check out the latest project from director Grandson & Son. He teamed up with electronic artist Art Department for their latest video, “Sun Comes Up”.

The video is a visual trip, contrasting the innocence and joy of daytime against the dark secrets of the night.

The clip was premiered on Vice along with a great description and love for the video. Check that out HERE.

Watch “Sun Comes Up” by Art Department, directed by Grandson & Son, above!

Remember to Remember Shad ft. LIGHTS Justin Broadbent

Video Premiere: “Remember To Remember” With Shad Featuring Lights

Check out the latest video from superstar Canadian rapper Shad! His latest single “Remember To Remember” is quite the departure from his last clip with The Field, “Fam Jam”.

This time, he enlisted the help of singer Lights, and worked with his friend and Director Justin Broadbent to give fans a truly interesting video.

The clip is a trippy VHS homage, with powerful dancing, crazy effects, and a powerful message. It is certainly a creative video, with all your typical ‘music video’ elements brought to the next level.

Check out Shad’s visual feast “Remember To Remember” feat. Lights above! Or check it out on MuchMusic in heavy rotation!

Mandy Ringdal Shares Her Touching Tribute With “Alive At 25″ Stephano Barberis

Video Premiere: Mandy Ringdal Shares Her Touching Tribute With “Alive At 25”

“Alive at 25” is a touching tribute by Mandy Ringdal, reflecting on the tragic passing of her sister who would have been 25 this year.

Directed by Stephano Barberis, the video is a poignant and powerful display of Mandy’s incredible talent, the pain of losing a sibling, and the strength we must find after something so tragic and heartbreaking occurs.

Watch the powerfully touching video above.

Produced in Co-operation with CMT Canada’s Video Advantage Program.

Bruce LaBruce Danko Jones Legs

Video Premiere: Danko Jones Is Back With “Legs”!

Canadian rock band Danko Jones is back on the scene with their latest single, “Legs”.

The video was directed by Bruce LaBruce, and is a visual feast for the eyes! We could explain the video in words… but it’s way better if you watch it for yourself.

It’s cutting-edge, it’s visually enthralling, it’s unexplainable – it’s “Legs”!

Dan Henshaw YYZ Lost In The Mix

Video Premiere: YYZ Get You “Lost In The Mix”

YYZ splashed on the scene this year with her first hit “Lost In The Mix”. The great dance track’s visual companion was Directed by UK-based director Dan Henshaw, and was shot on location in Toronto.

The piece is a fun and colourful video, showcasing her fantastic style, killer swag, and unique sound. Check out YYZ’s “Lost In The Mix” above!

Aaron A Kay The Thrill

Video Premiere: Kay and Aaron A Are Giving You “The Thrill”!

The flawless female known simply as Kay is back with a banger that is sure to get you moving! Kay teamed up with Aaron A once again to create her latest video for “The Thrill”.

The awesome track features DJ Tai as the man behind that infectious beat. Keep your eyes open for a cameo from Tai towards the end.

Shot on location in Los Angeles, Kay has never looked better! The mesmerizing clip gives us everything we’ve come to expect from a Kay video – stunning visuals, high energy performances, hypnotic effects, and Kay looking absolutely breathtaking!

Check out “The Thrill” by Kay & DJ Tai, directed by Aaron A, above!

Margaret Malandruccolo The Road Hammers Get On Down The Road

Video Premiere: The Road Hammers Are Back With “Get On Down The Road”

Country group The Road Hammers are BACK with their first single in over four years, “Get On Down The Road”. The group teamed up with director Margaret Malandruccolo to film their latest music video for the single.

“Get On Down The Road” tells the story of a young reporter experiencing life on the road with The Road Hammers. He joins in on the excitement of being on tour, from jamming backstage and on the tour bus, to hanging out in hotel rooms, to crowd surfing and experiencing the one of the kind feeling of a live rock show.

Take a trip with The Road Hammers and Director Margaret Malandruccolo with “Get On Down The Road” above!

Margaret Malandruccolo Brett Kissel Raise Your Glass

Video Premiere: Brett Kissel & Margaret Malandruccolo Want You To “Raise Your Glass”!

Country superstar Brett Kissel has teamed up with our director Margaret Malandruccolo once again in filming his latest music video, “Raise Your Glass”!

His last video for “Started With A Song”, also directed by Margaret, saw major success on the charts and hit number ONE on CMT Canada’s Chevrolet Top 20. The pair got together again and created a fun companion to his awesome second single “Raise Your Glass”.

The video, shot on location in Los Angeles, is a fantastic culmination of every great party you’ve ever been to! It’s a Bachelorette party, a tailgate party, a corporate happy hour, a college bash – it’s “Raise Your Glass”.

Check it out above!

Biko Franklin Veronica Walkin On Clouds

Video Premiere: Veronica and Kardinal Offishall Are “Walkin’ On Clouds”!

Teen superstar Veronica has returned with her latest single “Walkin’ On Clouds”. Featuring legendary Canadian rapper Kardinal Offishall, the video is already received heavy airplay on the Family Channel, both on TV and online. Check it out on Family here!

The video, directed by Biko Franklin and produced by The Field, is a fun and youthful clip of Veronica and her friends having the time of their lives in an empty amusement park.

Check out the new video above!