Dan LeMoyne Alicia Moffatt Why Do Boys Lie

Video Premiere: Alicia Moffet Asks “Why Do Boys Lie” With Director Dan LeMoyne

After winning The Next Star 2013 – Season 6, Alicia Moffet sure isn’t slowing down. Following her winning song and video for “Better Watch Out For Me”, she recently released her first official solo music video for “Why Do Boys Lie”. This video sure gets our vote!

Filmed on location in Toronto and directed by Dan LeMoyne, this music video is a passionate portrayal of the heartbreak and sorrow that often comes with young love. Since Alicia is bilingual, there is also a French version of the song and video entitled “Pourquoi Mentir”. You’re welcome! (De rein!)

Watch Alicia Moffet’s music video for “Why Do Boys Lie” directed by Dan LeMoyne, above!